About Us

LOWTIDE is a collaboration between Amy Montgomery and Jamie Montgomery and is the consumer-based cousin to the service-oriented FIELDESK. They began LOWTIDE to create a ground for experiments in materiality, making and function at a smaller scale.

Amy and Jamie met as graduate students at PennDesign. With degrees in Urban Planning and Design and Architecture, respectively, they have spent the last 13+ years working together on a range of projects types including residential, landscape, commercial, consulting, identity/branding, exhibitions and graphics.

Pricing / Ordering

All of our pieces are made-to-order. Therefore, we are able to work with custom dimensions and provide material options where the designs allow.

If you are interested in ordering or have questions, please contact us either by email or phone for more information.

You can even send a letter made of paper or other writing material if you want! We welcome all forms of communication. 

Contact Us

Fill out the form or email us directly at info@lowtidefurniture.com.

To speak with someone straight away, please call (215) 253-8385.

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